Issue time:2017-01-11 21:53

lost in Tokyo
K: start from Hong Kong at 3:30 in the morning to Tokyo
change your shape and wander around indefinitely
s: pretend to be in a hurry and tell me to make an appointment one day
Jr stop at a station in Pinchuan. You told me to be calm
B: I've heard that this trip is too dangerous
someone always disappears during the journey

B: don't go again
don't flash
take it to Shinjuku
Hundreds of people rang in front of me

don't go any further
don't flash
you said to see you on the way home

someone in Tokyo I wanted to see
K: I didn't see you for a few days at last. I didn't know you wanted to order
I received a call from you before the cherry tree in Tokyo
s: I don't want to see you these days. It's going to be some kind of exercise
I'm worried about meeting you in Hong Kong
B: I've heard that the trip is too dangerous
there are always people on the journey Disappear
rap: no one can hear me in Cantonese
no one has seen me
Jr the broadcast in the car words is correct, as if it's close to me
people are born not to love the one around them, and the family really wants to see me
B: don't go, don't flash
drive to Shinjuku
hundreds of people ring in front of me
don't go, don't flash
you said to see you on the way home
I want to see someone in Tokyo
don't go, don't flash again
you have a lot of new discoveries
tuoya Xiuming has released a new record
don't go, don't flash again
we haven't seen each other for many days
Tokyo has changed your offer
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