Road Rage

Issue time:

I've got the power of 100 horses...
I'd really be much better on top of one.
Sitting here surrounded by traffic.
Locked in a stationary sardine tin!

I'm in a rage with everything on the road,
cars & pedestrians in my way.
There's nothing as important as to get to where I'm going.
I'm READY TO KILL than to stay here all day!

There's nothing but SHIT on the radio.
Seems like hours since I left the drive.
Mutter "C'MON" as I'm crawling forward.
Impotent - not free, I will never arrive!

Break off down a side street, foot to the floor.
Wondering - have I been here before?
I'm on two wheels as I slam round corners...
Gap in sight - no in a jam once more!
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