Artist:Dead Flowers
Issue time:

You hold the match still burning up against the
palm of your hand The smell of smoke seeps through
the room, the room in which I stand You don't seem
to like the chair that your back is perched
against You don't seem to be that aware That bit,
that bit I understand And now it's time for you to
bed a smile comes across Green robe covers like a
pin soaked in a pennywise pocket gin You think I'm
lucky not to pay the rent, you think I've fallen
for a fool You always were hard on you That bit,
that bit I understand With watered eyes you look
an angel, that bodies shaking through the floor I
know that I've caused all your sorrow I know you
should have gotten more It's not something I ever
planned It's not some evil I've had before There's
just one thing I can't understand Why would you
ever want a man

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