From Belial

Artist:Dead Head
Issue time:

On this night, we have some
offerings to be done
Evil blood runs in our veins
Sacrifice, we have to
kill the bastard son
We'll give our lives, Belial reigns
chorus: Sent to defile
Master of agony
Sent to defile
Shattered gods, the only way
Blasphemy, the only way
Angels rise, they try to
take away the light
Escape, on Judgement Day
From Belial
Desecration, trapped in isolation
Leave this land of terror
Where the sacred poisoned blood flows
Undead feelings, share
the hatred within
Burn remains of the past
Leave the crimes of passion behind
Repulsive minds, the hate is
growing deep within
Chose your faith, desires of sin
Morning comes, the dawn is
hiding in the dark
Behold the sign, of the black mark
From Belial
A ship of fools has followed them
They try to get beyond the land
The fortunetellers soon must die
Awaiting their cry
The One
Will die
The Lords are still waiting
My right's been acquainted
God, turns the Swing
The burning black mark,
its future is gold
Oooh, see the horns
Among the people which they chose
It's you who will die
Fire is waiting,
Prepared for you mere soul

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